Go Green!

Natural cosmetics have become a national trend and most of the big brands are banking on it. Going Green has become a new anthem in the Indian cosmetic market.

Consumers have become conscious when it comes to cosmetics and they are aware of how synthetic chemicals are harmfull to them and this has led to a shift from synthetic cosmetics to natural ones Though the global trend has started a decade ago , india has been a key player in the natural cosmetic market since ages, thanks to the age old ayurvedic knowledge. The ancient ayurvedic herbs and extracts have been known for their benefits and efficacy.

However with the growing market size and increasing number of brands, the number of greenwashers has also increased.Part of this is because the rules and regulations for cosmetics are not that strict and companies take benefit of this.

While there are a few brands which are truely natural, but they lack the efficacy and feel good factor of the synthetic ones and are also too pricey for a common man.A genuinely natural, affordable and good efficacy product is the need of the market !!

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