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Market Gap Analysis
Staying ahead of competition and implementing disruptive strategies require brands & companies to know what the market NEEDS! Our market gap analysis includes extensive research of product/ concept/ application opportunities where the demand is greater than the supply; or at times, the demand is existent with no supply. This process can help a company identify markets that are currently under-serviced/ un-serviced.
Formulation designing
Failing to plan is planning to fail! Our expert formulation design team makes sure every project is undertaken keeping the customer brief, brand positioning & pricing strategy into consideration. We not only formulate; but design and develop our formulae passionately to ensure the products deliver what we promise!
Ready to launch formulation
With more than a decade of experience in the Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical industry, the team brings in a rich understanding of the customer & market needs. This enables us to research, design, test, conceptualise, develop formulations proactively which cuts down the marketeer`s go-to- market timeline. We offer a broad range of products `Ready to Launch` that are stability tested & priced as market acceptable propositions
Product portfolio designing
We live in a complex business environment, where designing your product portfolio is paramount. At Amvigor, we help you assess the compatibility of your company's strategy with your products and services that you offer to your target market. We design a compelling portfolio for your division/ brand that helps you amplify the business growth opportunities.
Technology transfer
Scaling up from the lowest quantity, we seamlessly transfer our exclusive tech-pack to help you scale up your manufacturing process. Our experienced technology transfer team ensures your product quality & integrity throughout the project timeline.
Crafting marketing strategies
We understand, we study and we identify your company's USP that sets you apart from the rest. This motivates us to craft an appealing marketing strategy that helps you mitigate the challenges set by your competitors and boost your business successfully.